Garage door can be said to have four working parts if the opener is excluded. These include tracks, rollers, cables and springs. These four components are basically responsible for movement in garage door. These are interlinked and provide the force which is necessary to lift the heavy and bulky garage door. In this post we will discuss about some of the common yet relevant questions on garage door springs and their replacement.

When do the garage door springs need replacement?

It is difficult to predict when the garage door spring will fail. If the experts are consulted then they say that they have repaired or it is better to say replaced the springs of the door which was forty years old and also of door which was just two years old. There is no doubt that just like the other machinery spare parts the springs also wear down and require replacement. If instead of measuring life in years, the useful life of springs is taken under purview then it is believed that the springs can last between 10000 to 20000 cycles. Now you can build an estimate of how long your springs will work. Any mechanical or manufacturer default would obviously be out of the league of number of cycles.

Is the squeaky noise in springs is indication of replacement?

This question is raised by multiple users as it is an average human thinking that the any noise is like a warning or signal to inform about the malfunctioning. But unfortunately this may not be right with springs everytime! The squeaky and annoying noise in the springs may be an indication that it requires lubrication and nothing else! And it is also possible that the springs may break down suddenly without making any noise or something. So noise can act as an indicator to a probable error but waiting for the noise and not paying adequate attention can be a bit dangerous. So make sure that you take up an annual maintenance contract for proper care of the garage door.

Can we replace the garage door springs on our own?

The volume of this question is too bulky! Either the people who are asking this are quite technical and are sure that they will make it possible by reading articles or they are too miser and don’t want to spend a penny! Learning garage door spring replacement by just reading through the text is like an expert explaining you how to disarm the bomb over the phone! Garage door springs are responsible for movement of the door and the force applied on them is too tremendous that any mishandling can cost your life! So it is always recommended to take up the services of professional as by saving a few pennies you can’t undo the mishap!

What is the average cost and time involved?

It is a work which generally involves one to four hours and the estimated cost including the cost of the spring is somewhere around $500 to $600. So just keep number of the pro handy as the springs can run out anytime!