Save Money On Garage Door Repair

How Garage Door Repair helped me save money

I always thought that Garage Door repairs were expensive. That is until I had Garage Door Repair work their magic on my Garage Door.

Some months after I bought my new house and installed a new Garage Door, it refused to close properly. I called up my regular Garage Door Repair Encino but they were most unhelpful. They refused to send a technician right away and when they did come over, they charged an exorbitant amount. After this experience I thought of changing Garage Door Repair services when I needed garage Door repairs the next time.

To my surprise, just 6 months after I had my garage door repaired by that horrible Garage Door Repair company, it began to malfunction again. It made severe grinding noises when opened/closed and also would get stuck midway often. I found this amazing Garage Door Repair service that was rated very high on the internet. I called them up and was surprised when they immediately picked up the phone! The person on the other end was very polite throughout the conversation and informed me that a competent technician will be at my house in a short while.

Minutes later, a technicians’ van pulled up my driveway. The technician was a thorough professional and had come with all the tools and equipments necessary. He did a thorough inspection of the garage door and informed me that the grinding noises were the cause of the chain drive and the something was blocking the rails too. The estimate he gave me made me laugh out loud – it was much lower than what I had expected. I was so surprised that I asked if would be providing substandard materials to cut the cost. He assured me the low cost was because of they were able to get a discount from the suppliers and hence were able to channel the profits towards the customer.

The technician finished up his work in about 15 minutes and gave me tips on how to properly maintain the garage door. The friendliness and professional manner in which he did his work really made a mark on mind. I finally found a Garage Door Repair Company that I could trust and also save some money in the process. It has been about two years since I had my last Garage Door issue – all thanks to Garage Door Repairs!